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Liaoning Tongze Law Firm was established in 2000 and it set up branch in Dalian in 2004. It is a large and comprehensive law firm, which is composed of more than 90 lawyers and auxiliary personnel, including doctors, masters, experts, scholars, senior and intermediate lawyers and young talents, and it has been qualified to handle securities legal business. Our headquarters is located on the 10th floor of Guoshi building, No. 71, Chongshandong Road, Huanggu District in Shenyang, which has more than 1,000 square meters of office buildings. Tongze has been awarded the National Excellent Law Firm, Liaoning Civilized Law Firm, Liaoning Excellent Law Firm, Liaoning and Shenyang AAA Credit Law Firm, Shenyang Top Ten Law Firm, and so on. At the same time, Tongze was appointed by the Standing Committee of the Liaoning Provincial People's Congress as a "legislative adviser unit", and was appointed by the Liaoning branch of Liaoning Provincial Committee of the CPPCC, Liaoning province, Liaoning Electric Power Co., Ltd., China life insurance Co., Ltd. Liaoning Branch, China life insurance Co., Ltd., Siasun Robot&Automation Co., Ltd., Shenyang industrial state-owned assets management Co., Ltd., Shenyang Hengxin state-owned assets management Co., Ltd., China Industrial Bank Shenyang Branch, China Agricultural Development Bank Liaoning Branch, Shenyang Yuhong District People's Government, and other nearly hundreds of state organs, enterprises and institutions as perennial legal adviser unit.
With strict business and administrative management mechanism, Tongze can provide various forms of legal services to domestic and international customers, including legal advice or opinions on the understanding and application of Chinese law in accordance with Chinese laws and international practices, participate in the negotiation of various projects, formulate relevant legal documents, serve as annual legal advisors, and provide special agency services such as investment, financing, intellectual property rights, stock issuance, company listing, etc. We are good at acting and assisting domestic and international customers in dealing with business disputes, and providing timely, accurate and pertinent legal analysis and best solutions to clients. We have conducted extensive cooperation with various domestic and overseas enterprises, maintained good relations with China's judicial departments and administrative departments, and established regular contact with domestic and foreign lawyers. These relationships are the bridge and link between the company's expanding business and providing quality and efficient legal services.
Tongze has its own unique "Tongze Culture", advocating “comrade fellow, ZeRuZeWu" win-win culture and "honesty, wisdom, courage" concept of practice. We set up our own network platform, often organize lawyers to undertake business communication and learning at home and abroad, with peers, and other people from all walks of life both at home and abroad for various forms of cultural exchange. "Tongze culture" not only infects Tongze lawyer, but also provides opportunities for the integration of lawyers and clients. With the advanced computer network platform and communication system, we ensure the convenience of business communication. Timely collection of up-to-date information on laws, economy, finance, securities, and business domestic and overseas provide effective, continuous and accurate services to customers.
Tongze ‘s continuous purpose is "the law is supreme" and it devotes itself to safeguarding the rights and interests of its clients, urging lawyers to abide by professional ethics education law and improve their own quality. Thanks for the serious, thoughtful and responsible spirit to all the clients, Tongze has won the trust from the broad masses of customers at home and abroad.
Tongze is especially good at enterprise legal advisory services. We arrange different expertise lawyers to provide more professional legal services, according to the different projects involved in the field of enterprise nature, characteristics. In providing various legal services to enterprises, Tongze emphasizes the initiative of lawyers in legal services. While helping enterprises to solve problems, they also actively understand the activities of enterprises remind enterprises of legal risks and put forward preventive measures. To legal counsel of our clients, in particular, the overall understanding of the historical evolution, articles of association of the enterprise system, governance structure and corporate products, services, etc, on the basis of its business, cooperate with the development of the enterprise, formulate legal service for the medium and long term planning for the enterprise. Tongze’s clients include domestic co., LTD., established in accordance with the company law and co., LTD., as well as other enterprise legal system according to the country the establishment of the state-owned enterprises, collective enterprises, private enterprises and enterprises with foreign investment, including multinational corporations and other foreign companies.
Tongze is one of the most powerful law firms in the province, and has one of the most professional lawyers. In the process of carrying out the business, he established a good working relationship with the national judicial, legislative branch and securities regulatory authorities and state organs. This ensures timely and comprehensive coordination and communication with relevant departments and guidance and support in dealing with major legal issues. This is one of the advantages of the legal services of Tongze. The lawyer of Tongze not only has rich legal knowledge and practice experience, but also has a strong professional ethic. Tongze has established strict on-the-job training system and serious case discussion system, and actively participated in the legislative activities in the country and Liaoning province. The good combination of all kinds of professional talents and the rational allocation of legal professional lawyers have laid a good foundation for providing all-round quality legal services.
The lawyers of Tongze are knowledgeable, well-informed and experienced in practical experience, capable of solving various major, complex, difficult and prospective legal problems. They have accumulated rich legal experience and are adept at dealing with some of the thorny issues in the legal business of finance, land and construction. The lawyers of Tongze are diligent and conscientious, enterprising and conscientious, able to master the Chinese legal system and focus on developing and applying the skills and methods of solving legal problems flexibly in the existing legal environment in China and constantly expanding new business areas. Through the joint efforts of all the lawyers, we have successfully provided a large number of high quality and efficient legal services to our clients and achieved outstanding results. In Liaoshen region enjoys high prestige and good reputation.


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